About TeamManny


Welcome to Mannyland, a place where we strive to create products that will make you smile every day!  

Plannin with Manny began at the very end of 2018 way up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula by the Mackinac Bridge.  We are a family affair!  We are not afraid to be silly, we value laughter, we are straight forward and honest, love authenticity, celebrate what makes us all unique, we all love to doodle, and we find inspiration in the things around us....especially our loving dog Manny.

FUN FACT...Manny actually had a gazillion names including Best Friend, Dream Come True, The White Wolf, and Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh was my favorite, well the story behind it... When Lily was little and went outside to call Manny, she couldn't whistle. So instead, she would pretend to whistle by calling ooooooooh, oooooooh! It was so cute! Then I would hear Randy talking to Manny saying, " I love my oooooooh" :) 

As all dog/pet lovers can relate...our pets are a part of the family! They are dear to our hearts as a best friend.  Manny was no different. So integrated into our family that we still think of him daily even though he went to heaven last year.  He was a lover not a fighter, and one thing that might be unique to him was if one person was offering a bone and two other people were hugging, he would join the huggers! Now he would happily take the bone after the group hug, but he was drawn to hugs and smiles like no dog or being I have ever known. So now creating Manny stickers has taken on a new meaning to not only honor him and his loving nature but mostly to share that unconditional love and gentle happiness that oozed out of him every day to not only his main four... Randy, Lily, Reece, and I, but everyone he came in contact with. Yep, that's our Manny.

FUN FACT...Randy became popular with the school kids as he would add funny notes with cartoon pictures in Lily,s and Reece's lunch boxes:)

We have had so much fun the last couple years watching the Manny love grow and shipping to countries world wide! We are amazed at the relationships we have made and appreciate the loving support and heartfelt comments we have received from so many. We promise to continue working to bring you designs that add smiles to your day!